Monday, May 31, 2010

2 months already!?!?!

Caroline was two months old on the 22nd...I know I am couple of days behind.  Blogging has really been on the back burner lately.  Having two kids really makes for a busy day!

I am happy to report that Caroline is turning into a happy/smiling baby.  She is sleeping great!  Which I love. 

We went to the Doctor last Monday and everything looked great.  The medicine she is taking seems to really be helping her reflux.  We might have to start playing with the dosage.  But, for know we are just giving it to her once a day. 

She is really growning! 
Weight:  12 lbs. 5 oz
Length:  24 1/4 inches 

Caroline @ Two months:
Cooing like crazy
Social Smiling
Grabbing for objects
Trying to roll over

Like I said before..I really need to write these down! 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Caroline's One Month Stats AND The Pink Bear

I realize, I am late getting this post together (this is begining to be a constent theme).  Caroline was a month old on the 22nd of April!  I think I mentioned that in an earlier post..but I totally forgot to take her picture with the the "pink bear" and mention any of the amazing things she is already doing. 

Weight:  9 lbs. 14 oz.
Length:  22
She is a growing girl.  We have still been a little we have gone to the Dr.'s twice because I just knew it was MORE than just a "fussy baby"  Last Wednesday we had an x-ray to make sure everything was fine with her intestines.  Everything looked fine..tried some medicine that didn't not work.  SO, we went back this Tuesday and we are fairly certain that she has some reflux problems.  She is currently taking Zantac and I am hoping that does the trick.  I have yet to see a major improvement...and if I am going to be giving my daughter medicine like this...I want there to be MAJOR improvement.  She is still growing...on Tuesday she was 10 lbs. 14 oz. and her length was 22 3/4. 
We have been doing A LOT of this :(

Miss Mellow..yeah!!
And even a smile :)

She is changing daily.  Some of the things she is doing: 
*Trying to roll over
*Enjoys tummy time
*Making different sounds
*Likes her sister..I think
GOSH, I need to do better at writing these down!

Lydia told me yesterday that Caroline was her best friend and that she loved her!