Wednesday, June 30, 2010

unCLe kYE

Last month we had a VERY special visitor:  Uncle Kye!  Uncle Kye lives in Ohio and we only get to see him a couple of times a year.  He was in Kansas for a wedding and made a special trip home to meet baby Caroline for the first time.  It is always a special treat to see him.  Lydia LOVES her Uncle Kye.  She talks about him a lot.  Soon she will be asking to call him and she becoming a little chatter box on the telephone these watch out!

We headed to Kobe's Saturday night for dinner. It was a big hit.  This was Lydia's first time going and I think she enjoyed it.  She talked about "fire" a lot after her experience.  On Sunday it was Uncle Kye's birthday so we had breakfast together.  It was a great weekend! 
Uncle Kye and Caroline
Lydia very excited over a gift from her uncle.  She calls these her "new bookers"
Uncle Kye and his girls!
Playing on the new swing set
Caroling just taking things in
Grandma and Lydia
Lydia resting on Caroline's new pup from Uncle Kye
Caroline and her pup
Lydia loving on her sis!
Kye, thanks for making the trip to see us!  Lydia LOVES you and I can't wait for Caroline to know what an awesome person/uncle you are.  We love you and can't wait to see you again. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Happy 8th Anniversary to us! I can't believe that it has been eight years.  We look SO young in this picture.  I guess having two children, one dog, building a house and just being busy, busy, busy....really makes you look old :)  Kane is a wonderful husband and an amazing father!  I LOVE our life that we have created! 
Love you!

Monday, June 28, 2010

"Meet Baby Caroline"

I am totally stealing this post for my awesome and VERY talented friend Laura!  I hope she doesn't mind :)  Last month my equally awesome friends hosted a Meet Baby Caroline shower.  It was amazing.  Thanks girls for ALL your hard work.  I can't wait to start working on something for the next little one...not for friend Megan in having a baby boy in October..can't wait :) 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Upon Request

I did try getting them side-by-side but I guess my margins aren't wide enough. Who knows. I have enough trouble trying to figure things out. I mean I still have a Thanksgiving background that comes up..does anyone know how to fix that? I can't even find out where it is!?!?!

Anyway....Here is a picture of Lydia at three months and then one of Caroline down below at the same age.  I have had a number of people say..she doesn't look anything like her sister.  I can see some features that are similar.  Caroline is defiantly smaller and has some petite features.  I have NO clue where she got those because there is nothing petite about her father or me.  I can't wait to watch them grow :) 

My two beautiful girls!!  My sister keeps telling me that Kane and I make beautiful babies...I think she might be right :)  but aren't all babies beautiful!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

SWeEt CaROliNe

On Tuesday little Miss was three months old.  In some ways the time has really flown by and then sometimes I has only been three months.  I think I finally have things "together".  AND yes, it only took me three months.  Having two little ones has been a bigger adjustment than I thought it would be.  Well, I knew it would be hard.  However, now I look back at things that I didn't like to do with just Lydia and think, that would have been really EASY!!  I am pretty sure today was the first time I took  them both to Dillons.  Everyone was great and was pretty painless.  Tomorrow I am making a quick trip to Derby...we shall see how that goes.  

Caroline at THREE months:  
*She is sooo close to rolling over
*grabbing things like crazy
*trying very hard to suck on both fists at the same time
*wearing size 2 diapers
*wearing mostly 6 months clothes
*sleeping some nights 10 hours...but others needs to get up once to have a snack
*starting to smile when Lydia talks to her :) 

Loves to have her hands close to her mouth..almost got a little smile!
Lydia and Caroline.  I am pretty sure Caroline is going to think her name is sis, sister, or sissy because that is all we call her!
Yesterday Lydia decided that Caroline needed to set in Emma's car seat.  It is a little plastic seat for a baby doll.  I told her that Caroline was too big for she took matters into her own hands.  I was fixing lunch and had Lydia's plate finished, turned around to get a fork and saw Lydia holding her sister in a bear hug.  Caroline was just kidding hanging there.  Lydia had picked her up.  My eyes just about popped out.  I didn't want to yell at her because I was afraid she would have dropped her.  I went running over there and grabbed C and told LG that she could not pick her up and carry her.  I think I scared her!  She sure scared ME!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy and His Daughters

We had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday!  We were able to see and spend time with all the "dad's" in our family.  We had a wonderful breakfast with Kane's parents and celebrated Father's Day with Papa Dennis.  Then later that evening we saw Papa Roger.  Lydia loves her papas.  

Lydia and I broke out her pool only to discover it has a slight hole in it.  So, we headed to Wal-Mart and found a new one for her.  It is bigger and the first thing she wanted to know was if her friends could come over.  She is a social butterfly.  Then we finished up some things around the house and spent the rest of the day just being with each other.  It was nice...

AND of course we had to have a photo session with dad...or dude.  Yes, Lydia has started calling Kane dude or duder.  It is very strange.  I have no clue where she came up with it, but, I just have to laugh..because she says it ALL the time.   

Kane, Caroline, baby girl, and Lydia.  Lydia has really been playing with her baby dolls lately.  She has several.  Emma is her cabbage patch doll and the only one that she calls by name.  So, I was trying to get her to name this baby.  Which is MY baby doll (no joking) and she just wanted to call her baby girl.  AND she also had to be in the picture. 
We did have some tears when baby girl had to exit the picture :) The girls are sooo luck to have you as their father--you are the dude!
Caroline looking very sweet!
So, peaceful.....
This is Lydia feeding her baby.  Note:  This is her bottle...we really don't use it for Caroline
Hope everyone had a great Father's Day!! 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Swing Set

Last month we decided that little Miss Lydia and of course one day Caroline too needed a swing set.  We had spent some time looking at different options and decided to purchase a kit from Sam's.  We traveled the distance to pick it up and when we did we were surprised that it came in four VERY thin boxes and had a green plastic slide.  So, we loaded it up and headed home.  Kane was in a big hurry to get it assembled.  I mean what was ONE more project added to our already very long list.  Kane along with the help of his father whipped this out.  Not sure how many hours they spent...but, I am pretty sure they won't be signing up to put another one together anytime soon :) 

ALL the wood!  Kane couldn't believe how they got some many pieces in one skinny box!!
AND here is all the screws and bolts :)
One more pic before assembly started

Kane started putting this together in front of the he had to move it some how...I was a bit nervous for this and had to go inside!  Kane's parents and Frost helping out!

The finished product and a rainbow to boot :)  Lydia has already put in some major hours playing on "her swing set."  The first evening it was finished Lydia came in crying so I just knew she had fallen...nope just didn't want to come in!