Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun, Fun, and MORE Fun!

Saturday I headed to Manhattan (one of my favorite places) with Laura, Amber and Megan to see our wonderful friend Christie (one of our favorite people).  We had been planning this trip for over a month and EVERYONE was looking forward to it.  We ate lunch, went shopping at the mall, got pedicures, ate, went to the movies (Eat   Love  Pray) really wasn't a fan, ate some more, and stayed up WAY too late for this lady.  Had a wonderful breakfast and then of course it wouldn't have been a "trip" unless we hit a Target together. 

I am proud to say that I somehow kept off my one pound I lost during the week.  SO, that means 24 to go!  Have NO clue how that happened!! 

I had a GREAT time!  Thanks was nice to get away but I did miss my hubby and girls.  A big thanks to Kane for taking charge this weekend.  AND a big thanks to Grandma Connie and Grandma Deann for watching them Saturday morning/early afternoon while Kane went to work. 
LOVE you girls!!