Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fun At The Fair!

It was REALLY HOT this year for our county fair.  I mean over 100 degree...AND I don't do over 100 in fact over 85 is really too much for me :)  So, needless to say we only made it down to the CCF once.  Lydia loved the animals this year.  We actually went to the hog and beef shows (which were held in the a.m) and were a little cooler.  The pigs were her favorites!  We left Caroline with grandma and was too hot for her. 
Wearing her shades ready for the animals, food and rides!
Eating in the 4-H building (it had ac)!
Pink Lemonade really hits the spot!
Checking out the pigs
Keaton's goats
A cute little bunny
Keatons' cow or heifer (not sure)
Checking them all out!
Lydia really enjoyed the round robin
A funnel cake of course
Loved Lydia's smile..not sure what she is doing!
Time for the rides or should I say RIDE.  Lydia only wanted to ride one ride..over and over again.  AND she had to drive the purple jeep. 
Hopefully it will be a little cooler next year for all parties involved. 

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