Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wildcat Weekend

Last Saturday marked the first weekend of college football and the first Wildcat home game.  We have season tickets and this year along with some great friends got a parking spot.  We were able to get three spots together and they are sweet!  So, we left home early enough to get in some major tailgating.  I mean that is part of the experience, right?!?!?  Well, we at least think it is.  It is a lot of extra work and makes for a super long day...but, totally worth it!!  I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this before..but, Manhattan is one of my favorite places.  I just LOVE it!

It was a beautiful day in the "Little Apple".  It is always great to see friends and of course celebrate a Wildcat victory. 
Jeff, Christie and Amber

Saffryn, Dan and Tylie
Cory and Kara
Angie and Casey
Amber, Megan and Mike
Jeff and Kane
Cory and Jon
Me and Kane


Christie's Endless Craze said...

Wait... Hold the phone... YOU LOVE MANHATTAN? :) I think you have it all wrong... Manhattan LOVES YOU!!

laura mcpherson said...

Who doesn't love Manhappenin'?!?! Saffryn is so cute, and Casey looks just like her mom! So beautiful!

Amber said...

It was a fun time! Can't wait until next time.