Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SuMmeR fUn

I am soooo behind on blogging.  Not sure why??  We really haven't been overly busy.  I am also behind on reading, hopefully I can catch up soon :)  I have so much to share.  I am not even sure where to start! 

This summer was full of fun for Miss Lydia Grace.  She was enrolled in two art classes, a rec class "Wiggles & Giggles, and swimming lessons.  I only remembered to take my camera to W & G.  She LOVED it and we were excited the Rec offered a mini session in August. 

Lydia was a perfect mixture of shy and willing to participate.  She was often timid when the teachers called her name and kinda shy to walk up but did an awesome job up at the front solo.  Baby Caroline came with us so Lydia had to be a BIG girl while I stayed back and sat with sis.  Caroline did an awesome job as well!  I was pretty impressed with the way they both acted. 

Lydia getting ready to hit the road for class.  She even insisted on a bow (she never wants anything in her hair)
Little sis watching and being oh so good :)
Lydia doing some stretching!
The Butterfly!
She of course had to have a PINK and PURPLE marker.  Her two favs
Love this picture!
Norah Kate taking a turn.
Barrett drawing an awesome picture!  This dude will be so creative!
I unfortunately wasn't able to take any pictures at swimming lessons.  It was just too HOT for Caroline to be out so Kane stayed at home with her.  Next year Lydia will have lessons in the a.m. and I won't have to get in with her...but, it will be Carolines' turn for that!

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