Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Visitors!

The last weekend in June (I think) we had some VERY special visitors.  Jeff, Angie, Casey, Segen, and Jeffs' mom Debbie were headed to OKC and made a pit stop at our house.  The little girls were able to play a little and then we headed to town for lunch.  Segen turned three in August.  She is such a sweet little girl and has the most amazing eyes!  Segen's big sister, Casey had a dance/cheer contest.  If I remember currently they did awesome!  We missed seeing big brother Cade but hope to see him this football season!

The girls swinging...they had a great time.
Miss Segen
Dads and their daughters
Casey, Segen and Caroline
Lydia, Casey, Segen and Caroline. 
Thanks "S" family for stopping by.  It was great to see you guys!  See you on Saturday....GO CATS!!

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